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Roe Doe 

Roe Doe Cull

This specific hunt gives you the opportunity to harvest your own free range venison.The chances of shooting more then one are high, but if numbers is what you looking for, this hunt may not be for you.

The full intent of this hunt, is to find the right animal for you to harvest and take home. Perfect Hunt for beginners, or for anyone that loves Venison.

We challenge you to come and Harvest the great Venison yourself with the intent to take a full carcass home (butchered or not).

We will hunt Does mainly in December up to the end of February  but other dates can be arranged.

Hunting Doe can be as exciting as a solitary Buck, majority of times you'll have the challenge of groups with more them two pair of eyes checking for any danger.


Starts as little as £200 for a days stalking including a full butchers carcass for you to take home.

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