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Iberian Red Stag

Red Stag Hunt in Portugal

Red Stag Hunt in Portugal

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Embark on an extraordinary hunting expedition with us as we pursue the majestic Iberian Red Stag, alongside opportunities for Fallow Buck and Wild Boar. The region we will be hunting is near the village of Malpica do Tejo, with Castelo Branco as our nearest city, this region is celebrated for its rich history and unparalleled genetics for big game.


We are dedicated to providing a top-class experience from the moment you arrive. Our hunts, accommodations, and the genuine warmth of our team are designed to ensure every day spent with us is fully cherished. Venture into the wild with us, where the absence of fences means every encounter is a testament to the true essence of hunting. While the wild offers no guarantees, our experience shows that dedication and hard work often lead to spectacular results.


September marks the thrilling season of the Red Stag's rut—an ideal time to immerse in the excitement of getting close to these magnificent creatures. As dusk falls, the Wild Boar emerge, and we may even be graced by the presence of the majestic Fallow Bucks.


Our hunting grounds offer diverse terrain, from monoculture expanses to dense thickets, challenging yet rewarding with strategically placed dirt tracks and towers near waterways—a favorite spot for Boar.



With temperatures reaching upwards of 30°C, the weather adds another layer of challenge, influencing animal behaviour and adding to the adventure. Our hunts are typically scheduled for the early mornings and, conditions permitting, late afternoons to maximize your experience.


This experience is crafted for the adventurous at heart, those who aren't hesitant to traverse the distance in pursuit of an incredible reward.


We cater exclusively to groups of up to four hunters at a time, ensuring a personalised and immersive hunting adventure.

we will be ready to receive  you wen you ready for us.


Join us for an unforgettable journey into the heart of Portugal's hunting territory, where tradition meets the thrill of the hunt. Let us guide you through an adventure where every moment is a step closer to the extraordinary.

     THE PACKAGE    

3 days £1950 per Hunter



  • 3 Morning hunts 1/1

  • 3 Evenings stalking or high seat/tower 

  • 4 nights accommodation

  • Transport in the hunting area

  • Breakfast & Dinner  ( set menu ) 

  • Transport from hotel to hunting grounds

  • Hunting licence

  • Insurance 



  • Veterinary paperwork to export trophy's outside the EU (£85)

  • Transport from & to airport (Rental car is the best option 2h30 drive)  

  • Taxidermy    

  • Postage of the trophy (To be arrange)

  • Rifle Rental (£260 For the duration of the trip

  • with Police paperwork)

  •  Stags Trophy fee 

     Up to 9 points £650

10-12points £1200

 13-15 points £1850

  16- 18 points £2350

19 Plus + £2850

  • Boar £150 ( No trophy Fee)

  • Tips and Gratitudes 

  • Gun Rental & Ammo (£260 for the duration

  • of the hunt with lease paper work)

  • Non-hunting guest (£150 P/day)

  • Alcohol 

  • Rifle inport Permits (£40)



While we strive to deliver a top-notch service, it's essential to understand that wildlife is unpredictable. We endeavor to create memorable experiences for you on our trips, but success cannot be guaranteed. Rest assured, we will put in our utmost effort to maximize your chances.


Please note that depending on the timing of your arrival and departure, we may have the opportunity for additional morning or evening activities.


In the unfortunate event of a wounded deer that cannot be retrieved, there will be an additional charge at the specified rate plus approximately £200 for the carcass value.


Extra Days are available and for any other requests, talk to us.

By law, you need to travel with a trigger lock on your rifle at all times

when in Portugal, ammunition needs to be kept separate in a lockable box.





We request a deposit of 25% of the hunt, with the full payment 10 day prior to arrival if by Bank Transfer. If paid by cash will be on arrival.

Currency accepted -  Preferable Euro € /£ can also be accepted


If there's anything you would like to request,

special treatments, feel free to ask we will do our upmost to provide.


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