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Self Guided Bow Hunting



Enter a world of adventure with our exclusive self-guided bow hunting experience in Portugal.

If you think you have what it takes, you can know,
Explore over 1600 hectares of prime hunting ground spread across four distinct areas, each offering its own array of game species for the 2024 season.
From Fallow deer and Red Deer to Wild Boar, immerse yourself in the challenge of hunting amidst diverse landscapes including open spaces, cork forests, and dense eucalyptus Plantations.



Whether you prefer the thrill of the hunt in open spaces or the intensity of close-quarter encounters, our self-guided adventure provides a true test of your hunting skills.

With natural features like rivers beds, Feeding Stations and rugged terrain  every moment promises excitement and challenge.

Choose to camp under the stars on-site or opt for nearby accommodations (accommodation costs not included) as you embark on this unforgettable hunting journey. From the Red Stag Rut in September to the Fallow Deer Rut in October, our hunting season is tailored to offer the best conditions for your hunting pursuits.

Secure your booking and receive a complimentary tag to claim your desired trophy, whether it be a majestic stag, a doe, or a boar, with the option to purchase additional tags for added excitement.
Answer the call of the wild and make memories that last a lifetime through our exceptional bow hunting adventure in Portugal.



  4 days £1850 per Hunter



  • 4 Days hunts

  • 1 Tag (can be use at your own discretion)

  • Hunting licence

  • Hunting Insurance 



  • Accommodation (can be organised on request)

  • Veterinary paperwork to export trophy's outside the EU (£85)

  • Transport from & to airport (Rental car is the best option 2h30 drive)  

  • Taxidermy    

  • Postage of the trophy (To be arrange)

  •  Extra Tags (£750 if purchase before the hunt)

     Wild Boar  £180

Hinds & Calfs £350

Fallow Buck under 3 inches (£650 )

 Fallow Buck over 3 inches (£1200)

Red Stag under 10 points (£850 )
Red stag over 12 Points (£1200

  • Tips and Gratitudes 

  • Non-hunting guest (£150 P/day)

  • Alcohol 



While we strive to deliver a top-notch service, it's essential to understand that wildlife is unpredictable. We endeavor to create memorable experiences for you on our trips, but success cannot be guaranteed. Rest assured, we will put in our upmost effort to maximise your chances.


Please note that depending on the timing of your arrival and departure, we may have the opportunity for additional morning or evening activities.


In the unfortunate event of a wounded deer that cannot be retrieved, there will be an additional charge at the specified rate plus approximately £200 for the carcass value.


Extra Days are available and for any other requests, talk to us.

By law, you need to travel with a trigger lock on your rifle at all times

when in Portugal, ammunition needs to be kept separate in a lockable box.





We request a deposit of 25% of the hunt, with the full payment 10 day prior to arrival if by Bank Transfer.

If paid by cash will be on arrival.

Currency accepted -  Preferable Euro € /£

can also be accepted


If there's anything you would like to request,

special treatments, feel free to ask we will

do our upmost to provide.

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