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Gordon Castle Scotland

Sports Shooting 



After over 20 year away from sports shooting a return was due. But only with the best quality and the best conservation efforts in mind.

It is a unique and exclusive opportunity to experience a luxurious shooting weekend on a spectacular 4,000-acre estate.

The offer includes four nights in the Castle and three days of shooting for eight guns and their partners.

The itinerary promises a variety of shooting experiences, from Driven days to wild bird walked up.

 Hospitality is all-inclusive, with delicious meals provided throughout your stay.

Evening entertainment options such as whisky tastings,  Scottish dancing exhibitions are also available at an additional cost.




On Wednesday evening and enjoy a hearty dinner all-inclusive hospitality throughout your stay. Try to control your excitement.


Thursday. A flighting day featuring duck (and possibly geese) in the morning and evening, with pigeons at midday.

(Alternatively, a “species day” may replace the pigeons if they are not cooperative).

Expected bag: 30-60 head. In time, there might be grey partridges over pointers. Discuss the number of cartridges you needed per elusive duck.


Friday. An old-fashioned wild bird walked-up/rough day. Expected bag: 30-60. Savour a luxury picnic lunch in one of our many cabins/fishing huts.

Have you ever experienced anything quite like it?



Saturday. A driven day with fabulous flying birds.

Expected bag: 100-150. Could there be a more beautiful setting for a shoot? And those dogs retrieving birds from the fast-flowing River Spey are simply amazing.

     Depart on Sunday. 

Must we say, See you soon?

We have a variety of other accommodations, talk to us and we can help you organise that special way trip.



Bookings are now open for the 2024/25 season, and packages can be customised to suit your preferences.

Contact Us with your request and we will be here to do our upmost best to make them a reality.

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