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Driven Game Montarias



From £2250 p/Hunter


You could describe the hunting experience in Sunny Portugal as an unforgettable adventure, where you will be hosted and guided through the Traditional Portuguese Montaria (Driven Hunt).


The hunt involves a traditional Iberian style with the participation of a large number of dogs, creating a breathtaking sight as they chase game.


The hunt is a true test of skill and patience, with the goal of a successful Harvest, the aim to all have opportunities and create great stories, you or your team will be part of of a group of approximately 35-45 fellow hunters.


The animals you will encounter are wild and free-range, providing an authentic hunting experience without the constraints of fences.


The terrain of the hunt includes challenging hills, olive and eucalyptus trees, and diverse vegetation that varies between dense shrub-like trees for pig hunting and open areas with great visibility for deer hunting. It's essential to set realistic expectations as you immerse yourself in this wild and thrilling hunting experience.









Pick up on arrival to Lisbon Airport, after gun checks by the Police & customs You will be pick up on a private bus. The journey to the hotel it can vary, from 1H to 3 hours, that will depend in the area we will be hunting, On arrival you will have time to relax until dinner is served.



we offer are mainly traditional Portuguese villas and rural hotels, which are reminiscent of vineyards in character. These properties are ideal for a cozy and authentic experience. Each room is intended for two people to share. However, if you are looking for single room , please seek to us, we all way try to accommodate.


when it comes to food we pride in the best the country has to offer

and that is a fact, accompanied with regional wines.


 We can't guarantee you will shoot a boar or a stag, but we will guarantee you that we will do our very best for you to do so. 

During the presentation, you will randomly be called to select a card which will indicate your assigned driver and peg number for the hunt.

Your designated driver will then transport you to the hunting post. Be prepared to shoot immediately upon arrival at the drop-off point. Multiple dogs will be used during the hunt, so it's important to maintain high focus and attention throughout. The game can vary in pace, being either very quiet or very fast.

You will stay on the same Peg for the duration of the hunt 3/4 hours.

It can be extremely intense exciting, or boring but then its wen something happen, as often you'll be able to see the game

movement in flight from the dogs even at long distance. 


Will use different properties that never been hunted for the season, so we can have the best advantage possible.We may have to move hotel between hunter but that will be told in advance, and not always de case, we need to chase them where they are.The south of the country is more Boar prominent hence the reason to sometimes move.

We normally hunt one big drive a day, hence why the name Montaria.

After the hunt, a taste of traditional Portuguese Lunch and a wait for the game to be collected and displayed.


Arrival 2nd December

Hunt 3-4-5

Departure 6th December

Arrival 6th January

Hunt 7-8-9

Departure 10th January


Departure, early morning departure to the airport. Please allow a good three hours or more for the check in of the Firearmes  so keep that in mind when booking the flights.

Please let me know of any extra requests you may have orally other questions that I miss.

This are traditional hunts and most times are mix, we try to be selective but and try offer both deer and Boar. 

Any special request on food or any allergies please specify. 




  • Trophies Fees (unless specified )

  • Transport from Lisbon Airport & back on a privet Bus

  • Accommodation (Based on 2 beds per Room)

  • Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner 

  • Portuguese Hunting Licence

  • Insurance


  •  International Flights 

  •  Alcoholic Drinks at the bar

  •  Taxidermy  

  •  Postage of any Trophies

  •  Single rooms extra £190 for the 4 nights. (if available) 

  •  None Hunters , £150 a day.

  •  Tips €50 p/day 

  •  Rifle Rental (€260 with lease from Police for the duration of the hunt.)



Hunting Dogs are very much this people bread and butter, 

so make sure you know what you are shooting at, in the

eventuality of you SHOOTING A DOG you will be fine £1000.



Wild boar montería driven hunt - fast action

Wild boar montería driven hunt - fast action

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