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Women Empowered

Exclusive page for Ladies that would like to try their hand in hunting.

  But somehow may feel overwhelmed with the lack of opportunities and no idea where to start.

You found the right place as we are here to help you. 

When booking from SWH site you will have15% discount on our hunts.

First timer?  We advise you to start with Roe Does.

When booking with SWH you only pay when your hunt is successful.

That way there's no pressure on you.

We are true believers that Hunting & Conservation future

will be greater with you on board.


  Curious about it? 

We can help you find out if this way of life is one that you would

proudly want to be part of.

We have years of experience with first timers and experienced hunters

and you will not be disappointed.

After all this is an incredible opportunity to harvest great food,

that you will know exactly where it came from and take it

directly to your home.

If booking please remember to refer the code below and let's go hunting.


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