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Black Bear

Superb hunt in partnership with Alberta Wildland Outfitting.

This hunt will test your nerve and make your adrenaline boil like never before.It's a hunt in the beautiful wilds of Northern Alberta, Canada!

Top quality bears hunts on the hedge of the word's largest national park, with the highest population of bears.

All hunts are done over well stocked bait sites from comfortable seats.

This can be a great Archery or Rifle hunt.

If you are looking for that monster rug or full mount this is a superb hunt,

and may be ideal for you.

Accommodation for the Hunt are clean and spacious wall tents.

With comfortable beds, heaters and showers.


Delicious meals are a priority, and we can accommodate your special food requests.


We personally guarantee everyone will see a legal shootable bear or you may come back the following year for free!

For any more information please get in touch. 

We can also offer to take care of all the worries and fully plan your trip. 

Including flights, rentals, driver.

Contact us for a quote.

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