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Image by Jp Valery


Simulated Game Day

Full Day 

  •  100/3000 clay day  

  •  1/3 Drives 

  •  Shooting between 04 /16 guns

  •  We can cater for your needs 

  •  Breakfast and Lunch included 

Processing new dates

Simulated Game Shooting replicates every aspect of game shooting.  Excellent form of Corporate Hospitality or perfect for a party of friends to get together and have some fun. 

Simulated game day in a stunning scenery. Giving you the feel of a big pheasant day the only difference will be in the feathers.

This type of shooting offers an ideal introduction to newcomers to game shooting or experts in the field to show case their abilities.


The day is organised same way as a traditional game shoot. With enjoyment of shooting during the summer months in the most beautiful Aberdeenshire countryside.


Start of the day in our bothy for breakfast and the days briefing before the first drive. Two guns per peg each taking turns to shoot and load.


The targets will simulate driven Pheasants, Partridge, Grouse and Pigeon. However they can easily be tailored to suit your requirements, taking into account the experience of the team of guns.

We will be pleased if you decide to join us.


Day Break it down 


Guns arrive for Breakfast


Set off for the initial drive


Guns on pegs to start the drive


Coffee & biscuits


Second drive




Last drive


Afternoon tea

the grounds


We only use 100% biodegradable Clays.

Cartridges have to be fibre wad.


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