One of the first Bucks taken last year , and just got better

Our Vision

Wildlife Management & Conservation equal Great Food

Our vision is to make hunting available to all walks of life, independent of  gender or  background.

Hunting is more them a hobby, it's a way of life, a culture, and a right to choose the best quality food for your table.

In a time where everything is mass produced and food is purchased in packages isolating

you from it got there, we go back to basics by Harvesting the best meat through hunting.

It's a privilege to see the animals living their life in Nature, and we are proud to select and harvest the surplus, sometimes due to injured by road traffic, fighting, age, or just to control numbers for a sustainable population.


Management of a species prevents diseases and ensure the health of the population, in Nature only the strongest will survive and we are part of it.

At SWH we love meat, and we love management, these are the values we will pass down to a

New Generation, ensuring they are aware of where the food comes from and to respect it when Harvested.

Because; We are Nature.