Roe Buck Stalking

First buck of the 2016 Season and with that first ever deer for Natasha she was one of the ladies of
2017 Medal Class -SWH
SWH - Bronze 2016

Thank you for your interest in coming to Scotland and try Harvest a Roe Buck with us. 


It would be my pleasure to guide and look after you for the duration of your stay. 


We hunt in about 8000 acres of prime farmland in Aberdeenshire in the Northeast of Scotland.

We take some fantastic animals from the grounds year after year.

Our focus is always on providing the best hunting experience, and although we have taken

some superb trophies, nothing is guaranteed.


As proud stalkers our offer is a fantastic hunt full of excitement and fair chase.


We prefer to look after one Hunter at a time, but more can be organized if requested.

Prices are p/Hunter

3 days 6 outings £450

All bucks are sold as fallow

Up to 360gr£150

  From   (361-460g)     £450

   From   (461g-550g)   £650

   From   ( 551g + )       £850


This is the weight minus 90gr.

Trophy Prep. £35 each 

Visitor permits £45 each  (If Needed )

Rifle & Ammo £30 p/day


Wounded animal, not found £190

Damage carcass £50 (saddle shot)

Accommodation can be organized on request.

This will vary from £55 - £250 a night per person with breakfast.

We are about 40min from the Aberdeen Airport, so pick up, drop off and all travel is free of charge,

however all travel is done at your own risk.

The hunting grounds are spread from different areas, from 10 minutes to up 50 minutes drive.

We have an excellent success rate but this is hunting, nothing is certain.


Postage of the trophies will be charged according with country to be posted to.


If interested in any of our offers a deposit of 25% of the hunt p/hunter is needed,

so we can make appropriate arrangements and secure dates.

Deposits are not refundable, but if canceled with a minimum of a month prior to the date of arrival,

we can try reschedule dates or use deposit on later hunts.


Best Regards