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Iberian Stag

Red Stag Hunt in Portugal

Red Stag Hunt in Portugal

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Iberian Stag in Portugal 

Hunting in Portugal Thank you for the interest in Hunting with us.

We are proposing the majestic Iberian Red Stag but may also have the

opportunity of Fallow Buck and Wild Boar.

 The region we will be hunting is near the village of 

 Malpica do Tejo. Castelo Branco is our nearest city with a long history and an area

with superb genetics when it comes to big game. 

We will provide you with a top-class experience,

 from the accommodation to our hunts to our friendly manner.

Everyday with us we want you to enjoy to the full potential. 

Truly wild Animals, there is no fencing and like most wild hunts 

there are no guarantees but hard work normally pays off. 

September the big Red Stags Rut it's an exciting time of the year perfect

to get close. The Wild Boar tend to come in the Evenings and the Majestic Fallow Bucks