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Iberian Stag

Red Stag Hunt in Portugal

Red Stag Hunt in Portugal

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Iberian Stag in Portugal 

Hunting in Portugal Thank you for the interest in Hunting with us.

We are proposing the majestic Iberian Red Stag but may also have the

opportunity of Fallow Buck and Wild Boar.

 The region we will be hunting is near the village of 

 Malpica do Tejo. Castelo Branco is our nearest city with a long history and an area

with superb genetics when it comes to big game. 

We will provide you with a top-class experience,

 from the accommodation to our hunts to our friendly manner.

Everyday with us we want you to enjoy to the full potential. 

Truly wild Animals, there is no fencing and like most wild hunts 

there are no guarantees but hard work normally pays off. 

September the big Red Stags Rut it's an exciting time of the year perfect

to get close. The Wild Boar tend to come in the Evenings and the Majestic Fallow Bucks

sometimes pays us a visit to.

The terrain is a mix of monoculture and thick bush. It can be steep in

some areas but there's dirt tracks in place and we tend to take them.


Will hunt mainly early morning as the heat of the day may prevent

us from going any further. In the afternoons (temperature permitting) we will try towers

and water ways as Boar loves this places.



Temperatures at this time of the year are around 30c +

and that can affect the animal behaviour.

This hunt is for the ones looking for an adventure

and not afraid to work the distance, the reward is pretty amazing.

For this type of Hunting we can look after 4 hunters at any one time.



5 days £1850 p/Hunter

3 days £1350 p/Hunter



' 3 Morning hunts 1/1

' 3 Evenings in high seat/tower 

' Transport in the hunting area

' Accommodation 

' Breakfast & Dinner  ( set menu ) 

' Transport from hotel to hunting grounds

' Hunting licence




' Veterinary paperwork to export trophy's outside the EU (£85)

' Transport from & to airport (Rental car is the best option 2h30 drive)  

' Taxidermy    

' Postage of the trophy (To be arrange) 

'  Stags Trophy 

     Up to 8 - £550

     9-11 points £950

     12-14 points £1550

     15-17points plus £1950

18 + £2500

'  Boar £150 ( No trophy Fee)

'  Tips & Gratitudes

'  Gun Rental & Ammo (£150 a day  with lease paper work)*

'  Non-hunting guest (£150 P/day)

'  Alcohol 



We are here to provide you with a service with the best of our abilities,

but we are working with Nature, and in any wild hunting there are no assurances,

we will do our best to provide you with a trip of a lifetime,

we can't guarantee your success, but we will work hard for it.

Depending on the arrival and departure we may have time for an extra morning or evening.

*Only in the case if you bring your not own rifle

A wounded Deer will always be pursued but if unable to be recovered it will

be charged at the above rate plus the approximate carcass value( £200 )  



 Extra Days are available and for any other requests, Talk to us.


Bow Hunting its welcome in Portugal.

Solo hunting can be organised and you can be left at your own devices if is a true adventure you looking for.

Talk to us.

By law, you have to travel with a trigger lock on your rifle at all times

when in Portugal, ammunition as to be kept separate in a lockable box.



Deposit & Payments 


We request a deposit of 25% of the hunt,

with the full payment 10 day prior to arrival if by Bank Transfer.

If paid by cash will be on arrival.

Currency accepted -  Preferable Euro € /£ can also be accepted


If there's anything you would like to request,

special treatments, feel free to ask we will do our upmost to provide.

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