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Bow Hunting 


Self Guided Bow Hunting 


Calling all passionate bow hunters!

If you're seeking the ultimate challenge, look no further. We proudly offer a unique bow hunting experience in Portugal that is tailored for individuals who are true enthusiasts of the Hunt.


This exclusive package is designed as a self-guided hunt, for the ones who crave a genuine test of there own skill, a true challenge between the hunter and their prey.

You will be granted access and a map to nearly 500 hectares of prime hunting land, exclusively available for your use during your stay.


While accommodation is available, you also have the option to camp on the grounds, as some hunters prefer this immersive experience. Please note that accommodation is not included in this package.


This offer is scheduled for September and October, both of which are exceptional months for hunting. September treats hunters to the Red Stag Rut, while October offers the Fallow Deer Rut.


You will get one tag when you book this hunt and you can use as you wish, could be that stag of a lifetime or just a female or even a Boar, Will be your call. Any other tags will be extra . 



4 distinct areas 

There are four distinct areas available for this adventure in the 2024 season,

each with its own unique hunting opportunities.

First two areas with superb numbers of Fallow deer, Red Deer, and Wild Boar.

These locations boast open spaces with traditional cork forests and abundant scrub, offering a thrilling hunting experience.


Other two different areas with Red Stags and Wild Boar.These areas are densely planted with eucalyptus, house for the Iberian Reds providing a more intense, close-quarters hunting experience.

Both areas are teeming with game and feature numerous feeding stations,

rivers and hills this is an authentic free-range hunting, with no fencing involved.

Whether you choose to venture alone or with one or two companions,this challenge promises to captivate the adventurous spirit within you.




  • 4 days of hunting

  • 1 tag (which you may use at your own discretion) 

  • Hunting license

  • Hunting insurance

  • Transportation

  • Accommodation (we can organize) 

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Extra tag (£650 if bought prior to the hunt) 

  • Additional days

  • Extra game (through the hunt per price list)

  • Taxidermy services

  • Transportation of any hunting trophies

not included

Capture the exhilaration of a bow hunting challenge in Portugal and

make the most of your hunting passion with this unique opportunity.

Unleash your skills and immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience

amidst the stunning landscapes of Portugal.


Book your adventure today and prepare for an

exhilarating hunting experience like no other!

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